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Okay, not a one-day turn. I had to be at the gym with these very fit doctors at 4am as well as be on-call to get into the operating rooms and cath labs for the open heart surgeries. Open heart surgery is easily one of the coolest stories I've ever been part of.

This was one of my first one-man-band stories - I shot it, wrote it, voiced it and edited it - in about 5 hours.

One of the most inspiring stories I’ve ever shot. Being completely deaf has not kept her from performing in the Christmas musical. And she plans to be a singer, as well. I was the videographer and editor for this two-day turn.

When their boat went down in the Gulf, they had to swim for shore.  Without the Coast Guard, they wouldn’t have all made it. I was the videographer and editor on this story. This is breaking news coverage at it’s best. We turned this in about 4 hours - including a live shot at the hospital.

It's a surgery once only for professional baseball players, but now it's becoming common practice for teenage pitchers. This is another of my personal favorite stories. I had a lot of fun shooting and editing this. Those multi-screen shots were all put together from a single camera.

My reporter, Linda Hurtado, and I won an Emmy for this story. Unlike most of our daily news turns, our managers gave us all the time we wanted for this story. Thank you to the people WFTS-ABC in Tampa who gave us the opportunity to show what a reporter and videographer can really do when we have to time to do it right.

A one-day turn on the TSA’s policy for inspecting unusual items and how to prevent the TSA from ruining your musical career. This story was Emmy nominated.

One year after a night of wildfires claimed the lives of 44 people and left thousands homeless in Sonoma County, reporter Emily Turner and I look at how the community has changed. In that year, many have grown closer while others are unable to move on, many still struggle to rebuild their homes and the community struggles in the aftermath of the devastating loss. Our continuing coverage of the fires earned us an Emmy.

As the sun set just outside the town of Lakeport, the evening winds kicked up, giving new life to the Ranch and River Fires in Mendocino County. Reporter Katie Nielson and I stood shoulder to shoulder with CalFire crew and homeowner who refused to evacuate as the massive fire approached. This is easily one of the more dangerous stories I’ve ever shot.

News Videos

Smiling tiger video is Scott Eason - news videographer based in Northern California.
 Awards include Society of Professional Journalists national award, two National Press Club awards, two National Headliner awards, a regional Murrow, five regional Emmys and others.

The concept for the Hands video came from Tyler Thomas, the winemaker at Donelan Wines. We wanted to create a video that told the story of wine making from the hands point of view from harvest to bottle. Patience was the key to this video because it took months to collect the shots. With no words to tell the story, we really had to rely on the look and feel of the hands in the shots as well as the music and natural sounds.

J Vineyards and Winery wanted to show their “snarkier” side by revealing the newest J wine, the Cuvee K. It was a one day shoot, a two day edit (not including the pre-production scripting) and a whole lot of fun. Too bad we have to keep the blooper video in house. ;)

I spent three days with Canine Companions for Independence as kids and adults learned to communicate with their service animals. This is the video they played for their graduation, sort of a way to relive the experience and share it with all the people who helped make it possible for these people to have a service animal.

Client Videos

A PSA for Santa Rosa City Schools to let students and parents know how much every day counts.

A short video to highlight the summer programs offered by Santa Rosa City Schools. We wanted to make it look fun to learn something over the summer.